Francisco de Zurbarán, Umkreis

Nach links gewandter, kniender Heiliger mit entblößtem Oberkörper, frühes 17. Jahrhundert

The catalogue entry in the catalogue for the Madrid exhibition of 1980 and the Corpus entry[1] state that this “Penitent Saint” holds a lightly sketched cross in his left hand and strikes his bare chest with his right. A closer examination of the sheet indicates that he actually holds a whip for self-chastisement; the object in his left hand is simply not clearly identifiable, perhaps a stone. In spite of the feminine traits, including the narrow head and long, wispy hair, the drawing was clearly drawn from a male model. Once again, the artist's principal interest is the rendition of the heavy folds of the garment, especially where they bunch up on the floor around the knees.

Gabriele Finaldi

1. Pérez Sánchez (dir.) 1980 and Angulo Íñiguez and Pérez Sánchez 1985, respectively,

Details about this work

Schwarze Kreide auf Vergé-Papier, das Papier oben rechts und unten rechts ergänzt 170 x 109 mm (Blatt) Hamburger Kunsthalle, Kupferstichkabinett Inv. Nr.: 38647 Collection: KK Zeichnungen, Spanien, 15.-19. Jh. © Hamburger Kunsthalle / bpk Foto: Christoph Irrgang, CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

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