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Hanne Darboven

Wende >80< 1980/1981; (Opus1-6b), 1980/1981

Wende >80< 1980/1981; (Opus 1-6b)

11 LPs im Selbstverlag produziert, signiert auf Schuber
Transkription in Notenschrift: Friedrich Stoppa
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Hanne Darbovens mathematisch strukturierte Musik überträgt die numerische Abfolge von Kalenderdaten in musikalische Kompositionen.

''Wende 80' clearly contains references to political events in the Western world. This is the first piece in which Darboven adds expansion of medium to her exemplary analysis of time as the space in which individual and social life emerges: using a code she has established, she sets her numerical account of time to music, assigning a specific musical note to each number. The piece, a series of drawings, is simultaneously a musical score. A century (ours or some other century) is written down through Darboven's usual mathematical system, but now is also set to music; this music is preserved on 11 long-playing records in a black case (an edition of 250 was pressed). The added sound is certainly an expansion of Darboven's means of expression, and opens the possibility of a deepening of artistic utterance. The structure of the music and its status as an immaterial correlate of the physical components of 'Wende 80', and thus of the worldly facts they refer to, correspond to Darboven's conceptual view of time as the expression of life. In this piece cultural, social, and political circumstances are woven into a mesh of freedom and date, optimism and pessismism, change and repetition. The work comprises an artistic system that is legible and audible - a space-filling whole whose structure is ultimately as much intoxicating as intellectual. ('Vier Jahrezeiten' is the second of Darboven's works to incorporate music in this way)' (Annelie Pohlen, zit. nach

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11 LP Inv. Nr.: A-1982-86 Sammlung: Kunst der Gegenwart | Audio/Video © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2020

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